Saturday, 28 February 2015

Gary Gauthier Has Professional Experience In Many Significant Areas

Gary Gauthier from started his professional career as a teacher in Lutheran High East. After that he was appointed in Rose ville High School. Following this, he stepped into a restaurant business and along with sporting goods stores where he applied his business skills and abilities into it. He has also served  in Heilbronn, Germany as a decorated  member of disabled American vets. At present, he is a respectable member of the Vietnam land clearers association, the US army 31st Combat Engineer. 

Gary Gauthier co-founded Red Cedar Advisory, LLC in 2013 with Andrew Gauthier which is a leading company in Michigan that provides the top notch financial services and life insurance to the clients from every walks of life. Their main focus is to craft a financial plan to meet clients' current and future needs. Their goal is to ensure the preservation and growth of client's estate through tax and retirement planning. Gary and Andrew Gauthier collectively have over 37 years of experience in the financial services industry

Gary Gauthier
completed his studies from Utica High School in 1967,and after that he pursued his higher studies from Michigan State University. He has been a passionate soccer player since his high school days and with that  he polished his skills. As a result, he was an assistant soccer coach at Michigan State University in 1997. As an evident love for soccer, he supports MSU Soccer and MSU Football Program.

When Gary Gauthier want to make the most of his leisure time, he likes to go for hunting, and prefers to play golf and bowl game.  In his free time, he also does mentoring returning veterans from Afghanistan and Iraq. In fact, he is a proud member of the DAV (Disabled American Veterans)He is also running his own organizations named as 501c, food for vets and feels immensely rewarding to help veterans.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Gary Gauthier Has Proved His Proficiency In Various Fields

Gary Gauthier is a resident of Okemos, Michigan enjoying his semi-retirement. He has dedicated this crucial time of his life to the vets by working for them. He finds it immensely rewarding to mentor veterans who return from countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. Besides this, he also runs his organization 501c, food for vets and gives guitar lessons. Before semi-retiring, he has proved his proficiency in various fields. While pursuing his higher studies from the Michigan State University, he was known as one of the best soccer players. Later, he also served as a soccer assistant and coach. He also played music in various bands and taught music lessons.

Gary Gauthier started his career as a teacher in Lutheran high east and then worked in Roseville high school. Later, he went into the restaurant business and set up many restaurants in the country. Besides restaurants, he also opened many sporting goods stores. He  also served the US Army and completed two tours to Vietnam and one tour to Heilbronn, Germany.

In each of his professional ventures, Gary Gauthier worked with utmost sincerity and proved his competency. Even at present, when he is semi-retired, he works with the same level of sincerity. Other than work, he shows great involvement in charity and supports many charitable causes. Being passionate about Soccer, he is involved with MSU Soccer and MSU Football Program. Apart from this, he also supports organizations that work for the welfare of disabled veterans. In spite of a hectic schedule, he makes sure that his hobbies do not take a back seat to anything. Some of the main activities that he likes to indulge in during his free time are hunting, bowling, and playing golf

Gary Gauthier Is A Member of DAV; An Organization That Helps Veterans And Their Families

Gary Gauthier is a graduate of Michigan State University, and has played varsity soccer. He has also worked as an assistant soccer coach in 1977, and trained many soccer players. He has served Heilbronn Germany and the US army- vietnam two tours. He is a combat engineer decorated as well as a member of disabled American vets. He started his professional career as a teacher at Lutheran High East and then he began teaching at Roseville High School. Later on, Gary changed his professional line and started a restaurant business along with sporting goods stores. He also gives guitar lessons to music enthusiasts and works for vets.

Gary Gauthier is a proud member of the DAV. DAV is one of the long lasting, reliable veterans assistance as well as an advocacy group in the country. The organization has never dithered in its key mission of fulfilling the country's promises to the women and men who served it. Gary describes that the organization invites everyone, including civilian and veterans, young and old, men and women, to join them, as they put up for those veterans who have risked their lives for the country. He feels proud while working with DAV, as it is dedicated to empowering veterans to lead a high quality life with dignity and respect.

Gary Gauthier further describes that DAV assists the veterans and their families to access the complete benefits available to them. The organization educates the public about the great scarifies as well as requirements of veterans changing back to the civilian life, and fights for the interests of the injuries heroes of America on Capitol Hill. They provide free of cost professional help to these veterans in attaining services as well as benefits that are derived through military service and are offered by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) along with other government agencies. Apart from this, Gary works with vets and mentors in the veterans court. In his free time, he likes volunteering to vets and seniors, mentoring veterans who have returned from Iraq and Afghanistan, etc.