Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Gary Gauthier Is A Life Member Of The MSU Varsity Lettermen Alumni In Florida From 37 Years

Gary Gauthier is a life member of the MSU Varsity Lettermen alumni as well as the MSU alumni association in Florida since 1978. This varsity club is exclusively formed for individuals who have lettered in a sport at the university. The alumni association includes the world grant mission of Michigan State University to transform the  world for the better and to enhance the quality of life for the Spartans. The association assists marshal the mutual impact of approximately 500,000 Spartans across the world through long lasting relationships with Michigan State.

As a member of the association, Gary encourages Spartans to support and organize the University through independent groups and clubs. There are various kinds of alumni organizations, including Constituent Alumni Groups based on academic degree or program, Regional Clubs based on zip code ranges or metropolitan areas, Alumni Interest Clubs based on University experience, and International Alumni Clubs based on areas outside of the US. Gary Gauthier from Florida describes that above 130 Regional Alumni clubs are situated across Michigan and the US. The association supports regional clubs that plan activities and local events, which bring Spartans all together, and provides funds to them from paid MSUAA memberships. Gary says that Spartans love to gather, regardless of where they are in the world, and more than 200 groups and persons have identified themselves as Michigan State University ambassadors in the country they live in. 

Another group is an Alumni Interest Group that is alumni from different colleges of all the areas and all years that join together to get in touch with MSU based in their college experience. Gary Gauthier from Florida describes that generally, these are the alumni who have shared a common experience with a student or student organization. Some of the present AIG groups include MSU Black Alumni, MSU Alumni Band, MSU Telecasters Alumni, MSU Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Alumni, State News Alumni Association, MSU Latino Alumni Club, and more.

Gary Gauthier Is A US Army Veteran

Gary Gauthier is a US Army veteran, who is enjoying his semi-retirement in Okemos, Michigan. During this phase of life, when most people prefers to live a quiet, comfortable life; Gary has involved himself in an array of activities. From giving guitar lessons; supervising the operations of his organization 501c, food for vets; to providing his support to charitable organizations in the form of time and money; there are a number of activities that fill his schedule.

Gary Gauthier takes great pride in having served the US Army for several years. While serving the US Army, he successfully completed two tours to Vietnam & one tour to Heilbronn, Germany. During the combat in Vietnam, he sustained serious injuries. This incident inspired him to make an effort for improving the lives of several veterans with physical disability. Gary is now a member of DAV (Disabled American Veterans), an organization dedicated to serving veterans since 1920. The organization's sole purpose is to empower veterans to lead a quality life with the respect they deserve. Over the years, DAV has emerged as the most long-lasting veterans advocacy and assistance group in the country.

Gary Gauthier dedicates a great of his time to serving the vets. He been appointed since April 2013 to be a mentor for the veterans court in Ingham County, Michigan. Through this role, he mentors returning veterans from countries, like Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. Besides working with vets, he devotes his time to sports, such as golf, bowling, and soccer. However, his favorite sport remains soccer, which he has been playing his college days. He is a life member of the MSU Varsity Lettermen alumni and the MSU alumni ass. & is also involved with MSU Soccer and MSU Football Program.

Monday, 30 March 2015

Gary Gauthier Has Served The US Army For Many Years

Gary Gauthier is a spartan and a proud father of Michael Gauthier, who is a ranger in 505 parachute assult regiment  82nd airborn  division, currently serving in Iraq. Gary has himself served the US Army for many years and completed two tours to Vietnam and one tour to Heilbronn, Germany. During a combat in Vietnam, he sustained serious physical injuries. This incident inspired him to work for the welfare of veterans with physical disability. Gary is now a member of DAV (Disabled American Vets), which is a well-known organization in the United States, dedicated to serving veterans by empowering them to lead high-quality lives with respect and dignity. He is also a respectable member of the Vietnam land clearers association, the US army 31st Combat Engineers. 

Gary Gauthier is presently based in Okemos, Michigan, and serves as a mentor for the veterans court in Ingham County. He was appointed at this position in April 2013, following which he has been consistently working hard to perform his role to the best of his ability. Having served the US Army for several years, Gary holds a special place in his heart for vets and likes helping them in whatever way he can.

Other than working with vets, Gary Gauthier is involved in many other activities. For instance, he gives guitar lessons; runs his organization 501c, food for vets; etc. He began his career as a teacher in Lutheran high east and then worked in Roseville high school. He later ventured into the restaurant business & set up many restaurants in the United States. In the next few years, he also opened several sporting goods stores. Through all his business ventures, he earned great profits and made a name for himself in the market.

Gary Gauthier Was Known As One Of The Best Soccer Players In His College

Gary Gauthier is a former resident of Tampa, Florida, who is now based in Okemos Michigan. He is a graduate of Michigan State University and has been the top soccer player of his team in college. Be it shooting, dribbling, or juggling the ball; he was best in every basic skill needed to perform well in the sport. In addition to his excellence in soccer techniques, it was his thorough understanding of the game that enabled him to give commendable performance on the field.

One more thing that helped Gary Gauthier to constantly better himself in soccer was his unwavering commitment to improvement. He never let the appreciation go to his head and worked every day to improve all areas of his game. His hard work and right attitude soon gave him the opportunity to serve as a soccer assistant and coach for the University soccer team. While serving these roles, he spared no effort to fulfill his duties and garnered huge appreciation.

Even today when several years have passed, Gary Gauthier's love and passion for soccer has not died. In spite of his involvement in so many activities, like – giving guitar lessons; taking care of his organization 501c, food for vets; etc; Gary manages to take out time for his favorite sport. He is involved with MSU Soccer and MSU Football Program & has been a life member of the MSU Varsity Lettermen alumni and the MSU alumni ass. since 1978. Over the years, he has also developed interest in many other sports, such as golf and bowling. So, other than soccer, it is these sports that he likes to enjoy during his free time. Gary is also a proud member of the DAV, which is the most long-lasting veterans advocacy and assistance group in the United States.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Gary Gauthier From Florida Helps Develop Confidence Among Veterans At The Veterans' Treatment Court

Gary Gauthier from Florida has served Heilbronn Germany and is a decorated member of disabled American vets. Presently, he is enjoying his semi- retirement period and hunting in Northern Michigan. He is dedicated to working for vets and is mentoring in the veterans court. Since April 2013, he has been serving as a mentor for the veterans court based in Ingham County. This court was established in March 2010 with the aim to help veterans coming from every branch of the military who have found themselves indulged in the criminal justice system. Gary says that the main objective of the court is to redirect eligible veteran defendants from the regular court procedures to a specially designed criminal court docket.

Gary Gauthier from Florida describes that these veterans suffers from mental illness and/or substance dependency and are charged with typically misdemeanor or felony criminal offenses. He says that mentoring is   very important for making a long lasting and deep impact on the life of the veteran participant. Therefore, this Veterans' Treatment Court has designed a well established Veteran Mentoring Program. Gary explains that experiences have demonstrated that veterans more probably respond positively to other veterans who have the similar experiences as compared to non veterans.

Gary Gauthier from Florida is one of the mentors in the Veterans' Treatment Court who discusses ongoing problems or issues of interest with the veterans suffering from substance dependency. He is committed to foster a relationship of trust and confidence with them. He builds a strong relationship with the professionals, and ensures that they are not alone. It helps them to attain the treatment objective as well as improve their  prospects for law abiding behavior in the future. Gary says that the mentors at the court include professionals who have served in Vietnam, WWII, Operation Enduring Freedom, Desert Shield, and Operation Iraqi Freedom.