Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Gary Gauthier From Florida Helps Develop Confidence Among Veterans At The Veterans' Treatment Court

Gary Gauthier from Florida has served Heilbronn Germany and is a decorated member of disabled American vets. Presently, he is enjoying his semi- retirement period and hunting in Northern Michigan. He is dedicated to working for vets and is mentoring in the veterans court. Since April 2013, he has been serving as a mentor for the veterans court based in Ingham County. This court was established in March 2010 with the aim to help veterans coming from every branch of the military who have found themselves indulged in the criminal justice system. Gary says that the main objective of the court is to redirect eligible veteran defendants from the regular court procedures to a specially designed criminal court docket.

Gary Gauthier from Florida describes that these veterans suffers from mental illness and/or substance dependency and are charged with typically misdemeanor or felony criminal offenses. He says that mentoring is   very important for making a long lasting and deep impact on the life of the veteran participant. Therefore, this Veterans' Treatment Court has designed a well established Veteran Mentoring Program. Gary explains that experiences have demonstrated that veterans more probably respond positively to other veterans who have the similar experiences as compared to non veterans.

Gary Gauthier from Florida is one of the mentors in the Veterans' Treatment Court who discusses ongoing problems or issues of interest with the veterans suffering from substance dependency. He is committed to foster a relationship of trust and confidence with them. He builds a strong relationship with the professionals, and ensures that they are not alone. It helps them to attain the treatment objective as well as improve their  prospects for law abiding behavior in the future. Gary says that the mentors at the court include professionals who have served in Vietnam, WWII, Operation Enduring Freedom, Desert Shield, and Operation Iraqi Freedom. 

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