Monday, 30 March 2015

Gary Gauthier Was Known As One Of The Best Soccer Players In His College

Gary Gauthier is a former resident of Tampa, Florida, who is now based in Okemos Michigan. He is a graduate of Michigan State University and has been the top soccer player of his team in college. Be it shooting, dribbling, or juggling the ball; he was best in every basic skill needed to perform well in the sport. In addition to his excellence in soccer techniques, it was his thorough understanding of the game that enabled him to give commendable performance on the field.

One more thing that helped Gary Gauthier to constantly better himself in soccer was his unwavering commitment to improvement. He never let the appreciation go to his head and worked every day to improve all areas of his game. His hard work and right attitude soon gave him the opportunity to serve as a soccer assistant and coach for the University soccer team. While serving these roles, he spared no effort to fulfill his duties and garnered huge appreciation.

Even today when several years have passed, Gary Gauthier's love and passion for soccer has not died. In spite of his involvement in so many activities, like – giving guitar lessons; taking care of his organization 501c, food for vets; etc; Gary manages to take out time for his favorite sport. He is involved with MSU Soccer and MSU Football Program & has been a life member of the MSU Varsity Lettermen alumni and the MSU alumni ass. since 1978. Over the years, he has also developed interest in many other sports, such as golf and bowling. So, other than soccer, it is these sports that he likes to enjoy during his free time. Gary is also a proud member of the DAV, which is the most long-lasting veterans advocacy and assistance group in the United States.

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