Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Gary Gauthier Is A US Army Veteran

Gary Gauthier is a US Army veteran, who is enjoying his semi-retirement in Okemos, Michigan. During this phase of life, when most people prefers to live a quiet, comfortable life; Gary has involved himself in an array of activities. From giving guitar lessons; supervising the operations of his organization 501c, food for vets; to providing his support to charitable organizations in the form of time and money; there are a number of activities that fill his schedule.

Gary Gauthier takes great pride in having served the US Army for several years. While serving the US Army, he successfully completed two tours to Vietnam & one tour to Heilbronn, Germany. During the combat in Vietnam, he sustained serious injuries. This incident inspired him to make an effort for improving the lives of several veterans with physical disability. Gary is now a member of DAV (Disabled American Veterans), an organization dedicated to serving veterans since 1920. The organization's sole purpose is to empower veterans to lead a quality life with the respect they deserve. Over the years, DAV has emerged as the most long-lasting veterans advocacy and assistance group in the country.

Gary Gauthier dedicates a great of his time to serving the vets. He been appointed since April 2013 to be a mentor for the veterans court in Ingham County, Michigan. Through this role, he mentors returning veterans from countries, like Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. Besides working with vets, he devotes his time to sports, such as golf, bowling, and soccer. However, his favorite sport remains soccer, which he has been playing his college days. He is a life member of the MSU Varsity Lettermen alumni and the MSU alumni ass. & is also involved with MSU Soccer and MSU Football Program.

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