Monday, 16 February 2015

Gary Gauthier Has Proved His Proficiency In Various Fields

Gary Gauthier is a resident of Okemos, Michigan enjoying his semi-retirement. He has dedicated this crucial time of his life to the vets by working for them. He finds it immensely rewarding to mentor veterans who return from countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. Besides this, he also runs his organization 501c, food for vets and gives guitar lessons. Before semi-retiring, he has proved his proficiency in various fields. While pursuing his higher studies from the Michigan State University, he was known as one of the best soccer players. Later, he also served as a soccer assistant and coach. He also played music in various bands and taught music lessons.

Gary Gauthier started his career as a teacher in Lutheran high east and then worked in Roseville high school. Later, he went into the restaurant business and set up many restaurants in the country. Besides restaurants, he also opened many sporting goods stores. He  also served the US Army and completed two tours to Vietnam and one tour to Heilbronn, Germany.

In each of his professional ventures, Gary Gauthier worked with utmost sincerity and proved his competency. Even at present, when he is semi-retired, he works with the same level of sincerity. Other than work, he shows great involvement in charity and supports many charitable causes. Being passionate about Soccer, he is involved with MSU Soccer and MSU Football Program. Apart from this, he also supports organizations that work for the welfare of disabled veterans. In spite of a hectic schedule, he makes sure that his hobbies do not take a back seat to anything. Some of the main activities that he likes to indulge in during his free time are hunting, bowling, and playing golf

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